Making page adapt to monitor resolution

I have a to make web page containing 2 columns. This is done.
Now what I would like to insert in the code is something like this:
The 2 columns should be full screen on any resolutions. Something like the page would adapt to the monitor resolution.
The percent would be 80% for the first column 20% for the second one.

What I don’t know - is how to do that. Would a table resolve this problem?
What would be the code for this?

Suggestion are well appreciated.

A table would work fine, or CSS.

With plain HTML, that would be <table><tr><td width=“80%”></td><td width=“20%”></td></tr></table>

CSS coding would be style=“width: 80%;” within the object or slightly different in the style sheet: width: 80%; CSS width property

Using HTML and CSS you can only make it fill 100% of the browser viewport. If you want it to fill 100% of the screen resolution and have scrollbars so that your visitor can scroll to see the parts that don’t fit within the browser viewport (due to the browser itself, any fixed toolbars on the screen, or simply because the person doesn’t have their browser maximized) then you’d need to use JavaScript to set the size.

Managed to make the work done with your help. Thank you.