Making a to do list with PHP?

What I am talking about is making a simple to do list, here is the scenario. I have created a membership website with wishlist member, the member has a cool dashboard to help him/her navigate around the site, the dashboard acts as the users home page. What I can do is create a sweet interface with CSS what I can’t do is make it even more awesome by allowing users to be a little more interactive with some PHP, IMO if I learned how to implement some PHP code allowing each user of wishlist member to have their own to do list and analytics my site would provide so much value… meaning it makes my business look a lot better.

So now that you know my initiative let’s get down to brass tax… lets say I did create a PHP page that was function able as a to do list, how would I implement it with wishlist member? That is my main concern wrapping my head around that objective…

Ok I have no problem looking for a good PHP tut about creating a to do list, I mean I can hopefully find a good tut out there, I just want to know how this would work…

Can someone explain to me how to implement a PHP script (to do list, Analytics, other innovative stuff allowing members to be interactive with the site) while giving each user their own information? Wish list gives the user a transaction ID and their ip address so even though I am very new to PHP I would suspect that in the script it would call the users IP and match it with the to do list form?

Whoever can help me wrap my head around this is just an awesome person and you will be helping me create something pretty cool! Thanks :slight_smile:

If you find a tutorial, the one thing you will want to do is associate each to-do item or a specific to-do list to a member (using a member id or if their usernames must be unique, you could use the member’s username).

Ahh thats what I thought :slight_smile: Well just for visual purpose could you show me a sample of how the code would look?

myTinyTodo List [url=“”]Source Code

You’ll have to modify the source code to add a member id/username column to the database it uses, but other than that, you would have a working system fairly quickly.