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I have a small problem with my website ( where the drop down menu doesn’t go over the slideshow. (You will have to decrease the width of the browser to go into mobile mode).

I have tried getting rid of the .rectangle, but it somehow needs that for the drop down to display, and when it was assigned a smaller height than the drop down box it didn’t work.

Thanks for any help!

The following changes to your CSS should help:

.navigationbar {    background-color: #202020;    padding: 1rem;    position: relative;    z-index: 3000;}
.rectangle {  margin: 0;  width: 100%;}
.drawer {    background: #303030 none repeat scroll 0 0;    float: right;    height: 220px;    position: relative;    transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out 0s;    width: 160px;    z-index: 1000;}

Hi, I used this code but it just put the slideshow to the left of the drop down menu, and the drop down menu is permanently open.

Sorry about that. I am just looking at what I missed

Okay try the following changes:

.drawer {    background: #303030 none repeat scroll 0 0;    float: right;    height: 220px;    margin-top: -320px;    position: relative;    transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out 0s;    width: 160px;    z-index: 1000;}
.slick-slider {    -moz-user-select: none;    box-sizing: border-box;    display: block;    position: relative;    z-index: 1;}
.slick-list {    display: block;    margin: 0;    overflow: hidden;    padding: 0;    position: relative;    width: 100%;    z-index: 1;}

Doesn’t seem to work, it displays the slideshow underneath the drawer, and the draw is permenantly open with nothing inside it.

That’s interesting as that is not what I am seeing at my end. I will place this on a Codepen shortly

I will put it on the website, if that helps. I may have been stupid somewhere…

I updated the code,

The .drawer needs the margin-top:-320px added to it. This makes the menu fade. I am lust looking at the menu items now

I did that and changed a few things, and its partially working now (with a lot of errors, such as text being cut off and not being the right height), but the idea is there.

That is better. I have made some further changes, and it is now working, but could do with some improvements.

Rather than give you all of the CSS I thought I would list just what has changed.

I have added the following class to the CSS.

.mobile-headers {height:100%}

To the .drawer li I changed text-align from right to left

To the ,drawer li a I removed the height:220px

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This is usually something that’s easy to fix, but I don’t see any dropdown on that site. :confused:

Seems to work fine, the .mobile-headers {height:100%} wasn’t needed either. I think I will change the style a bit and make the drop down the full width, as this pushes the slider down.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Have you reduced the width of the browser? I am using media queries, so the drop down is only there on mobiles/tablets.

O, right. Hm, it’s pretty broken in that view right now. Normally, the dropdown needs somthing like absolute positioning, with z-indexes thrown in, to avoid pushing things down and being hidden. But there’s preliminarly work to do first.

It seems fine to me?


Sorry, I completely forgot to change the online version and I was viewing it locally :expressionless:

Now the drop down menus seem to be working fine, but in the desktop view the logo/headers break down and go onto multiple lines before the tablet zone is reached. I tried fixing it by using percentages, so they would decrease the space between the logo/heading but it doesn’t work.

The image has a margin-right: 300px, which is causing some of the issue you are seeing

It looks as if you haven’t quite got your media queries sorted out, as it’s a bit mixed.

Before going any further, you might want to validate your HTML and sort out the errors - especially the missing doctype. It always pays to eliminate errors in your code first, before trying to sort out other problems. Sometimes fixing the code is all it takes.


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