Making 4 column Footer

My website and footer is horizontal.

I would like to change it something like this.

How do I go about it?

on your website there’s already that “our features” block, why don’t you use something like that?

or you go on the other website, get to the footer, make a right click → inspect element.

i would recommend using CSS GRIDS.

Refer to the bootstrap documentation and create 4 columns in the usual way ( 4 x span3).

Then just put the content you require in each column accordingly.

You could hack what you have now but that makes no sense in a bootstrap environment where columns are handled by default classes.


You could do this:

.footer-menu ul{
.footer-menu ul + div{clear:both;float:right;}
#footer p.span4 span{float:left;}

But I would advise against it and use the proper bootstrap structure for columns as specified in the documentation. It seems you are using bootstrap2 which is a bit dated now and uses old fashioned floats to create columns which are a relic of the past :slight_smile:

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