Make my site be found by google

My site:

I have had thousands of lyrics, but it seems no one knows to this website through google. What is my problem?

Welcome to the forums @minhhai2d.

I think there is quite high competition in this area, so you are trying to rank against longer established and better known sites, which is always tough.

To get you started, I would recommend Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. Follow the guidelines it gives.

I would suggest that you add some text to each page, apart from the lyrics. On your home page, introduce the site. Explain what it is, how you organise the song lyrics (by band, bu genre or however you do it) - just tell your visitors something about the site. And on each page, add something - perhaps just a line or two - about the lyrics on that page. At the moment, there is really no text (other than the lyrics themselves) for Google to crawl and index.

Improve the meta description on each page. Many of them say things like this:

Click to show Langit lyrics on Song Lyrics Finder, Langit lyrics song’

That is what’s showing up in Google search results, and it wouldn’t really inspire me to choose your link over somebody else’s

Improve the structure of your page. Validate the HTML; errors may make the page difficult for bots to spider and interpret, and I believe Google gives preference in search results to well-structured pages.

Move the CSS into an external file. On the pages I checked, there are over 900 lines of code before any actual content on the page. That’s very inefficient, both for maintenance and for anybody visiting your site, who has to download the information separately for each page.

Hope that helps.


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