Main Menu Being Pushed Down by Floated Item in IE7

In IE7 on this page, the main menu is being pushed down by a floated item (the login on the right); how may I fix the menu? Should I just create a browser hack for IE7, considering this seems to be the online affected?

#2, the space at the bottom of the login box looks a tad different in FF and Safari (besides Chrome). What would be causing the slight difference?

.moduletablemainmenu {
margin-left: 50px;

your div whit the class moduletablemainmenu is going over the login wich making it drop-down in IE7.

remove the width for this class and add margin-left: 50px;

it will take all the space it can witout going over.

tested with chrome 15.0.874.106, firefox 7.01., IE7,IE8 they all work whit this css.

not sur about #2 , meaby its because they dont interpret the border-radius exactly the same way.

Meaby its the zoom of the page. For me its looking the same for FF , chrome,safari with the same zoom level.