Main differentce between a website and a blog?

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Different ?

You simply need to google it to find opinions and descriptions to answer this question… if anything because a blog can be a specific type of website (or simply part of a website and not a website per se)

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A website is anything published to the web at http://www.somewhere
A website can be any shape, size, or function, built in any language. It is a ‘place’ on the web.

A blog is a chronological list of articles, date stamped and time stamped. They have a content management system built in so anyone can create a blog and publish to the web without understanding code. But if you don’t understand HTML you often can’t control the formatting. Blogs have a database behind the scenes that allows you to categorise and tag articles. It’s standard for them to have an RSS feed that allows people to subscribe and get alerts when you publish something new. They are complex systems that make it easy for people to publish news and comments.

With the increase of free web publishing platforms what the general public calls ‘website’ and ‘web design’ is changing. Lots of micro businesses use free content management systems (CMS) to build their websites. WordPress used to be used primarily for blogging (I think), now it is used by de-fault by some which I think is a mistake.

In my opinion the learning curve for a non-technical person to learn to edit a well formatted HTML page is no steeper than learning CMS. A CMS can come in handy to speed up the publication process where required but you can also build your own.

If you don’t know the difference it’s a good question to ask because you need to know when to start with a blank blog and when to start with blank piece of paper.

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A website is a set of web pages served from a web server under the same domain.

Websites can be classified in different ways depending on the criteria you want to use. As an example, websites can be classified as:

  • Dynamic: All or part of the web page is created on the fly when the viewer loads the page
  • Static: The website will always look the same

If you look at their goals and purpose, you can classify them as:

  • Corporate: to provide background information about the company, their goals or services
  • Personal: to share information about yourself
  • Photo Gallery: to show pictures/videos
  • Blog: A journal, a diary
  • Forum: to share information and participate in discussions and debates
  • E-commerce: To shop products and services
  • Search Engine: to find other websites related to a specific search term

This is just an example, of course (and this classification is, by no means, exhaustive. You can go on forever)

But you can say a “website” is a wide term. A website can be a blog. But a website can be so much more. It can be a Photo Gallery. It can be an online shop. Or it can be all of that together and then some more

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