Main and Side text

i would like to add in my page two section:
a main text and a side text
i made it in my website but the result is very poor.
Plz help

Hi gisassistancetn welcome to the form

I’m not the least bit surprised. There is an overwhelming amount of obsolete style rules in a massive amount of CSS.

I think before you attempt any “tweaks” you should either remove or replace the normalize ver. 7 CSS for starters.

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i tried to do some enhancements and it looks something better. Is there some recommandations?

Programmers (presumably your target audience) are intelligent, methodical, organized, very observant people.

Even though you are not a programmer yourself, what is your first impression of this?
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The code on your web page is disturbingly out of date and overflowing with errors.
Recommendation: HIre a contractor to rewrite the web site entirely from scratch.

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