Mailchimp reports showing 0 opens


I’ve set up a test campaign, just to make sure everything goes smooth.
I’ve received the email without problems, but when I check the Reports inside MailChimp, I see 0% Open Rate… which is of course not accurate as I’ve opened the mail (also enabled ‘show images’).

I did not find too much information on this online either and they don’t have support for free users…

Anybody could give me tips on where the problem could be ?

Did you view the email in full HTML allowing image assets.

You need to turn linked images on before the sender of the email can tell whether you opened the email. By keeping linked images off people avoid letting spammers know their email address exists if they accidentally open the email. The open count you see will only include those people who have either specifically enabled linked emails that you send them or who don’t care if spammers can tell if they opened a spam email.

How big was your test? Was it just to you? That won’t show an open rate.

I’d try sending to a segment of your list (10%) and see how well that performs.

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well, I tried first just the option ‘send to myself’. When it didn’t work, I created a mailing list with a different address of mine, but it still doesn’t show the open rate.

Is that what you mean ? Of course I had the images on. That’s how Mailchimp tracks the mails…

So you are one of the people that encourages spammers by letting them know when you open their emails.

Any sensible person has linked images turned off and only sees embedded images.

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