Mailchimp embedded form validation

So I’ve successfully implemented a sign-up form for my list.

One problem I’m still having is with fields validation… whenever I leave an empty field, I get redirected to the MailChimp site - which I want to prevent and do all validation directly on my site.

Is there a way to test, where things go wrong with the php files ?
I’ve got php console chrome extension, but it doesn’t do anything.

Here are all my files.


$api_key = "";
$list_id = "";
$Mailchimp = new Mailchimp( $api_key );
$Mailchimp_Lists = new Mailchimp_Lists( $Mailchimp );
$subscriber = $Mailchimp_Lists->subscribe( $list_id, array( 'email' => htmlentities($_POST['email']) ) );
if ( ! empty( $subscriber['leid'] ) ) {
   echo "success";
    echo "fail";

Mailchimp.php (11.6 KB)

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Add something like this at the top of subscribe.php

if (empty($_POST['email']) || !filter_var($_POST['email'], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)){
    echo "fail";

What was it supposed to do ? As I didn’t see any change.
Here’s the console output…

Ok, for anyone potentially interested in achieving this result, here’s a solution I’ve found.

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