What is wrong with Magento. How come a lot of people hate it. What is wrong with it. Basically I am looking at the pros and cons of Magento.

Generally speaking some users complain that Magento is slow. You can’t customize quite a number of things and an admin panel may appear unintuitive. It also happens that when a developer wishes to customize Magento it takes him a couple of weeks to understand what’s going on in the code.

Next problem is that Magento asks a lot of underlying hardware. To optimize anything the webserver needs the APC (Advanced PHP Cache) module installed. Unfortunately, many shared hosting providers don’t have such a configuration, so you need either a dedicated server or a Magento-specialized hosting platform.

Those are the drawbacks, but there are a lot of satisfied users of Magento as it also has many strong points.

It’s highly complex, but actually quite simple in its complexity. Once you understand what is being done with the multiplicity of files, you can look at an element on a page and realize what the item base function is and immediately follow the folders down to the actual code block that produces that element.

Abandon what you know about relational database function, in EAV, all the columns have been converted to rows and put into tables according to data type which then get keyed by a multiplicity of type, entity, attribute and other ID’s. Getting data out of a table requires the select statement to have numerous self-joins in order to extract rows by the particular typeID, attributeID, etc to extract the value. The EAV concept is actually extremely old and simple to understand, the implementation to actually extract data using SQL is horrendously complicated, use Magento’s collection mechanisms to work with data, you’ll be a lot happier.

Only fools attempt to run Magento on shared hosting unless they never intend on being successful and attracting a large quantity of customers. The first time a triumvirate of search engines hits a site with more than 500 products, the system falls flat on its face. Give it a dedicated quad core server with memory and tune mysql and your APC cache to start on the path to running a serious Magento website.

I’ve written a blog post about this: Is Magento For Me? – Articles – Magebase

It may be helpful for people trying to decide on Magento.

Nothing’s wrong with Magento. Like everything that is great and beautiful in our life, Magento has a price to pay: this platform is rather complex, but it’s got tons of features for a successful business.

Well, the first step is the hardest, but in return you’ll get the most powerful tool for E-Commerce.

I have worked with Magento and there is a learning curve but that goes with any software. I think it is worth the effort.

I think that Magento is one of the best Ecommerce scripts out there right now (correct me if I am wrong) and it will continue to grow offering more features, templates, modules to customize your store the way you want. Learning it is a good investment for the future.

The cons, I do find it a bit slow, but I upgraded my server and it is pretty good now. So you just need to find the right server so it is not slow.

I’m so glad this question has just been asked as I was going to ask a similar one myself. I’ve been asked to do some work on a magento site, but It looked complex and i was wondering if it was worth the effort to learn.

I’m going to keep an eye on this thread for other people’s opinions!

There is nothing wrong with Magento CMS.
I have some experience with this CMS. Yes maybe it is a little bit difficult both for developers and users. But it has a lot of advantages, and really is one of the best ecommerce system i have even worked with.

[B][COLOR=#0071d8]ChrisBraithwaite[/COLOR][/B] you might want to also look into [URL=“”]LemonStand. I’ve just started learning about it, and seems very flexible while requiring less training and computing overhead than Magento.

I’ve been a Magento developer since 2008 and am currently a Magento partner. Recent versions are very quick. You do need to plan on spending $50 per month for hosting to get started. I wrote a review about my magento hosting experiences. Magento serves micro businesses up to huge enterprises. I think it’s a good technology choice to build and grow any ecommerce business.

In my point of view.I would like to suggest that, Magento customization plays a vital role in the world of ecommerce as they are special designed apps to meet your exclusive requirement for your online business. Magento solution is a complex application with vast features and functionalities.

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