Magazine cover specifications?

Hey everybody. I was just wondering if any knew the basic specs for a cover of a magazine. Just a typical magazine, you know the dimensions (height and width).

Thanks for advance.

Oh, does anyone know of a site that has dimensions, specs for common things like CDs, business cards, flyers, etc.?

8.75x11.25 including bleeds for the back cover for a magazine I advertised in recently. I’m not sure if that’s a standard size or not, though.

The other specs you can probably get from a printer’s site.

There really isn’t a “standard”, most shoot for the 8.5x11, the bleed size is oversized size of the actual dimensions of the finished mag to make sure the image/graphic/ad covers all of the space purchased. Here is our specs that we generally try to get our advertisers to supply for our magazine. (if that makes any sense).

Image Size 8.128 x 10.688
Trim Size 8.500 x 11.000 <– final dimensions
Bleed Size 8.750 x 11.250

Hope that helps.