"Macaw" web design software -worth getting?

There’s a (Mac OSX) application for web design called Macaw which is about to be released and having seen the preview video and read about its features it seems like a fantastic tool. Or is it just too good to be true? I assume there are beta-testers or people who know more about it than their website says.

I’ve been putting off updating my website for a long time because I only know basic HTML and a little CSS but want a modern, responsive look and can’t find the time to learn everything. There are of course templates to buy but I haven’t found any to cater for the features I want. So, will Macaw be the way to go for someone like me, or is it just money wasted?

It’s getting a lot of good reviews from prominent people, so it sounds like it’s well designed. I haven’t seen the kind of code it produces, though. You’ll find most people who hang around a place like this prefer to write their own code, so will not show much favor to a WYSIWYG tool like this.

I watched the video and the software looks very impressive for what it is. I wouldn’t ever use it but for someone who just wants to create a simple static site it seems somewhat useful.

Watch the video. The main take away point is that the semantics are controllable by the user. You could write really sloppy HTML or very semantic HTML based on your understanding of HTML.

Edit: I’ve been going through the videos and this actually looks very impressive. It isn’t really your standard WYSIWYG editor. I guess you could use it like that but it is more GUI for CSS and HTML. I would say it is a new class of product from what most people would refer to as a WYSIWYG editor.

I wonder if there is any integration with dynamic server side scripting.

No software is going to suddenly make your sites modern and responsive OP. Macaw does look like a neat idea for those who would rather work with an interface rather than with code, but I imagine it would be slower than normal coding and is still dependent on your HTML/CSS knowledge.