Lost subscribers

Hi. I am hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction. Please!

I read in several places that I could deactivate my email delivery of my google blog so I could redo/rearrange my site (without any email blasts), and then reactivate it a couple days later. Well I did that and now my subscriber count is at zero! I took over this blog from a neighbor and do this for my homeowner’s association. I did download a copy of the subscribers list (csv file) before deactivating the email so I have that but I can’t believe it all just went away. Did I completely screw this up? Does anyone know how I can reactivate my feedburner with the original subscribers without having to have them sign up again?

I am serious need of some help and don’t know where to turn. Is there someone part of google that can help go back a few days with my list?

I appreciate any help.
thank you,