Lost phpMyAdmin admin password

I have Xampp 1.7.3 installed on my Windows 7 laptop. It is just my test system. I so seldom need to use phpMyAdmin that I have forgotten the username and password. I’ve tried root and admin with no password and various less likely combinations to no avail. Is there a way to recover or reset the admin password? Thx

There are two common ways to handle phpMyAdmin credentials:

  1. Through the script files: if this is the case you will find the username and password in these files
  2. Through MySQL credentials: if this is the case, login as the admin to your MySQL and set a new password for the phpMyAdmin user

I use WAMP so the file locations may be different. On WAMP, within the WAMP folder there is the apps folder. Inside the apps folder there is the phpmyadmin folder. Inside the phpmyadmin folder there is a file called config.inc.php in that file is where the host, username and password that phpmyadmin uses to connect to MySQL are kept.

(On Wamp):

wamp -> apps -> phpmyadmin (