Lost Lead? being too pushy?

So heres a think i made contact with a lead who i also went to school with simply asking them on the phone how things are and what not simply asked if they were interested in getting a site done for their gardening and landscaping business. they simply told me they were not interested.

So for the example below lets call him John

so now i accidenctly send a mesaage privately to Johns facebook company page on facebook and i said to them i spoke to john earlier today and replied i know sam said he was not interested in getting a site done i think its really important to get one setup even if its got information on it and wont be that expensive let me know your thoughts

After send that message Jane who is Johns Partner responds with “we get enough work via facebook page.”

Serveral minutes later i get a reply from John again saying "William i told his afternoon we arent interested in getting a website. if we ever were interested we proabbly wouldnt come to you. you are justing being plain pushy at the moment. just leave it at that. John

so tell me 2 things was i being to pushy can you generate just alot of work by just having a facebook page only no website itself.

Well, try putting yourself in their shoes. For example:

  • I am a freelance business manager.
  • You do not contact me.
  • I think you would benefit from my services, so I contact you.
  • I offer to work for you at a minimum rate of say $1000 per month, with an additional 50% commission of all successful contracts.
  • You are not interested and say so.
  • I then contact an associate of yours and make them the same offer
  • You are happy that I asked again, no means maybe
  • You are annoyed that I asked again, no means no
  • You really meant yes, but said no as a bargaining technique
  • Something else

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I have a friend that has his own business and has so much work he turns away potential clients. He not only has no website, he has no Facebook page or any internet presence of any kind at all.


How could you “accidentally” send a message with that information? I can see accidentally sending a general message you’ve sent to a number of companies, but “accidentally” sending what is clearly a follow-up message … ?

My husband owns a business where I help out as required. Some years ago, he was contacted by a local newspaper, asking if he would be interested in taking out an advertisement in a special supplement about the area. He agreed, but we saw no business whatsoever as a result of that, so decided it wasn’t worth doing again. The newspaper continues to plague him with phone calls about advertising, even though he’s explained he’s not interested and asked them to stop calling. That in itself is enough to make us mad, to the point where he’s blocked all their numbers. If they then started contacting me, asking me to persuade him to change his mind, we would be even more mad. They may know about selling newspaper advertising space, but we know about what works for our business.

By continuing to try to persuade somebody to have a web site after they have clearly stated that they are not interested, you are effectively telling them that you know better than they do what is right for their business. Can you imagine how arrogant that sounds from their point of view?

I really think you need to take a long, hard look at your marketing strategy, and think about how it looks from the other person’s point of view. If a potential client says they’re not interested, there could be any number of reasons - they already get as much business as they can handle, they’ve already approached another designer, they can’t afford a site at this time - the point is, they know the circumstances of their business, and you don’t. Instead of trying to persuade them that you know better, respect their reply and say something like “Well, if you change your mind in future, I’d be happy to hear from you”. That leaves them with an impression of you as helpful, rather than pushy, and you have a much better chance of getting work from them eventually.


The “lead” says you were, so you were.


If I had been John, I would have found you too pushy.

You certainly can. This is something I have often heard when approaching local businesses with my services.


I’d say yes a bit too pushy. If you’d changed the angle of your follow up email it might have been ok. Perhaps something more like.

'Hi John, was good to speak to you earlier glad to hear your business is going well. I understand you don’t want a website at this time but if you do change your mind in the future here is my portfolio and i hope that you’d consider contacting me. I’d be more than happy to talk through ideas. Best wishes William"

If i recieved that i’d find it less pushy as it acknowledges what i said rather than simply just asking the same question again hoping for a different answer.

In general though i’d probably steer clear of doing work for people I know. Makes in harder in some respects as they might expect mates rates etc



Thanks for everyone inputs i was not aware that you could simply just using social media to get alot of work. maybe i should use what noppy suggest i should of said to them.


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