Lost and confused at Joomla Footer Banners

Hi I am new to joomla and I’m stuck trying to install Footer Banners following instructions in the Joomla explained step by step guide book.
I did the first Footer Banner correctly placing it on the Footer Left, also placing second banner at Footer Middle, however when trying to do the third Banner I ended up with: two Middle Banners atop each other and another of the same Middle Banner at top left of front page.
How can I undo the duplicate Banners and also the Footer Banner that some how ended up on top of Page below (you are here). :confused:

Hi I’m having an issue installing Footer right Banner, I deleted the Footer Right Category and tried to redo but i got this messages: Save failed with the following error: Another category with the same parent category has the same alias
How can I undo or start over to recreate the Footer Right Category?

I’m really on the wrong forum, nobody seems to…

I just installed Joomla on my localhost, so I’m a complete newbie and can’t offer much help.

Hopefully someone with more experience will happen along, but until then, I think the solution lies in the “same alias” message.
i.e. if they aren’t both named the same, they’re resolving to the same alias for whatever reason.