Losing my mind ... grrrrrr

ok, I made NO changes to the footer or stylesheet, but the information in the footer on my website has moved down, and is now sticking out the bottom of the footer area. I am not sure what to do to fix this, but it is driving me nuts. Can anyone figure this one out?


Thanks, I figured this all out…had some duplicate terms in the stylesheet that caused a conflict. Fixed now!

I had a look at your stylesheet from the other posts. There are some things that you maybe should reconsider. On of them is your footer. There are several techniques to force your footer to the bottom of the page without influences from other page elements. One of them is called StickyFooter. A little below this Post is a treat about this:


another source for this is:


It’s well word reading the post and visiting the stickyfooter website.

the slideshow, and the “Copyright” parts, basically all the information. it has moved down a few pixels, making it show below the actual footer. Not sure how that happened, but it is definitely too low.

What part of the footer are you refering to? The back part?