Looping part of 1 frame in flash As3

Hi there,

I am very new to this - and have been stuck on trying to loop part of my 1 frame (I am only working on one frame)

import flash.events.MouseEvent;
import flash.net.URLRequest;
import flash.net.navigateToURL;

import com.greensock.;
import com.greensock.easing.
import com.greensock.plugins.*;




TweenMax.to(font1_mc, 2, {x:“-580”, delay:1});
TweenMax.to(font1_mc, 1, {y:“200”, delay:4});
TweenMax.to(ball_mc, 1, {x:“-400”, delay:5,onComplete:fadeout});

TweenMax.to(athome_mc, 2, {x:“-550”, delay:5});
TweenMax.to(athome_mc, 1, {y:“-200”, delay:8});

function fadeout():void {
TweenMax.to(ball_mc,.5,{alpha:0, delay:0});
TweenMax.to(ball_mc,.5,{alpha:1, delay:1});

TweenMax.to(baby_poppy2_mc, 1.50, {x:“-380”, delay:0});
TweenMax.to(baby_poppy2_mc, 1, {y:“200”, delay:2});

//TweenMax.to(oraway_mc, 0.5, {y:“200”, delay:0});
TweenMax.to(oraway_mc, 1, {y:“-90”, delay:2});
TweenMax.to(lobsterbaby_mc, 1, {y:“150”, delay:2});

TweenMax.to(oraway_mc, 1, {y:“-200”, delay:5});
TweenMax.to(lobsterbaby_mc, 1, {y:“300”, delay:5});

TweenMax.to(getataste2_mc, 1, {y:“80”, delay:5});
TweenMax.to(poppybaby2_mc, 1, {y:“147”, delay:6});
TweenMax.to(lobsterbaby2_mc, 1, {y:“-62”, delay:7});


TweenMax.to(learnmore_mc, 1, {x:“-80”, delay:8,onComplete:enableClickTag});

function enableClickTag():void {
click_mc.buttonMode = true;
click_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, onClick);

I basically want to loop 3 times what’s inbetween the !!!.. I hope this is not a too stupid question…
Thanks heaps in advance!