Looking for secure and low maitence webstore software

I work for a start up company that has very few employees. We are looking for a software system to manage selling our products off our webpage, track inventory, track shipping, and create accounts for our users because our buyers will be frequent buyers as our product consists of replaceable consumables. We don’t have enough employees or time to deal with a software system that requires much attention at all. Any ideas or suggestions?

I would recommend shopify: http://www.shopify.com/

You can listen to the podcast sitepoint did with one of the owners : http://www.sitepoint.com/podcast-109-shopify-with-cody-fauser/


Hello, NPulse!

Are you looking for a hosted solution or need a standaolne web-application?

I’m looking at both options, but I think we would prefer a standalone web-application.