Looking for professional works!


Hello guys,
Unfortunately I can't find good and prefect works in web !
You know, if we go to some sites like awwwards.com and themeforest.net & ... there is no any impressive case.
So, Do you have any good source or site to see and imitate their works?
Here is some professional cases that i saw in my life so far .... :grin:

or this:

Thanks a lot,


Welcome to the forums @dzn85955
Can you explain more clearly exactly what it is you are looking for?


Are the two images in your post examples of what you consider "good" design?

They both seem to be dashboards of some kind. Is that what you are looking for specifically?


Hello Dear @SamA74,
As I said, I'm looking for some websites to display Design and Html cases to imitate


Yes, I think they are.
I know those are some dashboard panels but really they are professional cases,
i really die for them if they are converted to Html


It's still not clear (to me, at least) what kind of designs you are looking for, and what you consider "professional". It's difficult to offer any suggestions without understanding the requirements.

Have you looked at http://www.csszengarden.com/?