Looking for options for WCAG Certification

Hello all,
I can tell it’s been a while since I’ve posted on S/P by how different the forums are looking. I know I posted when they first switched over but it all looks quite alien to me now.

Anyway, I was chatting to a couple of clients this week about WCAG accessibility compliance and it occurred to me that it doesn’t really matter whether we build compliant sites unless we can in some definitive way prove that they are truly compliant. I only know of one place that does Certifications (WebAIM) and although the certification is “free”, the charge a fee of several thousand US dollars to review the sites they certify. I’m looking for other avenues.

Does anyone else have experience certifying website accessibility (WCAG).


I will ping some people who actually work in this space to see if they can answer.

There is not any definitive WCAG certification. Where I work, Section 508 is a requirement not WCAG - not officially anyway. So if I wanted to, if somebody gave me a report that said vetted by WebAIM, technically I could deny it.

I would first ask the company you are working for if they have their own way of determining compliance. If they do, you’ll be required to meeting that. More than likely, they will review the site/app and your documentation before accepting the site or whatever deliverable you have.

If that is not the case, I would recommend coming up with a procedure that you’re comfortable with, such as adopting WebAIM’s or W3C’s Checklist, and be able to speak confidently on how you do it.

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