Looking for hover delay script for css drop down menu?

Good morning,

What I’m looking for, and can’t seem to find is, a JS snippet, that will delay the hover effect (a simple drop down) of my mega drop down menu by 250 millseconds or so. And of course, then hold the drop down in place for the same amount of time on mouseout.

Thanks for any direction!

This isn’t the greatest code example, but it covers the logic pretty well.

What changes would you make when rewriting the code?

Thanks! I too found that page after I posted. Anyway to make that work with classes, or just targeting the li’s, rather than the mouseover and mouseout stuff in the html?

I spoke too soon! Well before I start worrying about altering the script, I should first try to get it working. Man, I messed with that link for awhile, and was unfortunately unable to get it working on my page. He is sort of unclear about a few things. But everything to make it work is there on the page. You can do a source code copy and paste and it still works (on his demo - not mine). He has his set up, to delay one mouseout - not mouseover. I need mine to have delay for both.

Here is my page. http://www.visibilityinherit.com/projects/mega-drop-down3.php Mind showing me a quick how to? Thanks!