Looking for free chat for my site


looking for a free chat to integate to my site
tried to google for it but even came to a decent free one where you can see users online and ban users

any help?

Disqus is the best

does anyone have other suggestions?

Have you looked into chatango ?

other suggestions?


It might help if you said a bit more - like whether you’ve looked at the two suggestions already given, and if so, why they’re not what you’re looking for.

users name not vieble
compicated ban system

You might try http://www.yourshoutbox.com

you Might Be Try :blastchat

You can try :
Ajax IM -a slick and open source web-based IM client for your website.
AJAX chat - uses client-side JavaScript to enable you to run a chat client on your website
Mibew Web Messenger or Open Web Messenger, is a free and open source chat messenger
CBox - traditional desktop IM clients with the benefits of the social web.
Meboo - a web-based IM platform service

Hope it helps.

try http://subiz.com/