Looking for CPM Domain Parking

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to park a domain name based on CPM (cost per mille). This particular name gets several thousand impressions per day but doesn’t receive too many clicks.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to park it or other ideas I would be very open to listening.

Thank you.

I know parked and SEDO. But as far as I know they are working with clicks.
I suppose in this situation you need to place yourself in the place of the end user which is ordering ad there.
Would you agree to pay for impressions?
I suppose that might answer your main question.

I just figured there must be one parking company that does cpm. It’s very common for banner ads.


This can be because of your visitors are irrelevant your domain content. You can try our domain monetization service: benepark.com
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All domain parking companies works on cpc and have not seen any company which operate cpm advertising for parked domain.