Looking for Clone Scripts

Using Java Clone Scripts is illegal.? I’m looking for Clone Scripts to develop my website on Java Platform.


I’m not sure what you mean by “clone script”. Could you provide some more details?

Also, please be aware that Java and JavaScript are two completely different languages. Do you mean Java or JavaScript?

I have seen obj = eval(uneval(o)); being used, but that’s currently Firefox-only. In Mootools 1.2, I’ve done things like obj = JSON.decode(JSON.encode(o)); and another way is If you can use ES5 (IE9+) then do var obj2 = Object.create(obj1); This is really knowledgeable sharing . I share this with my family and freinds

Hi Pullo,
Clone scripts are web scripts that mimic the functionalities of a given web site or web application in terms of design, features, or both.

That’s nice, but I’m unfortunately none the wiser as to what you are looking for.

It is not illegal, if the website/developer has allowed it. Second, there are many cloned websites(as there is no regularity authority on internet). I remember, there were more than 40 websites that was cloned of fiverr.

Not many written in JavaScript though - most are written in PHP, Java or a .NET based language.

Thank you Allende.

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