Looking for a URL


I have to add link(on a banner) that points to a particular branch but I can’t find the url.

Here’s the URL I have, but I want the people to land on the Chibougameau Branch… but I can’t figure the url for this branch.


Any help will be appreciated.


Theoretically, the URL should be [noparse]www.locationhewitt.ca/en/stores/store/Chibougamau/[/noparse], which you can get by right-clicking on the menu option and choose ‘Copy link location’ (or whatever phrase your browser uses). However, there’s some really stupid CSS and Javascript going on there, which means that the line of text giving the address and phone number is hidden, and the map doesn’t show the right place if you go to the URL rather than clicking on the link.

Thanks for your reply.

So there is no way to get the URL?

Doesn’t look like it I’m afraid.