Looking for a source site for web technologies

What are the sites that list all web technology ? that stores information, description, comparison, top technology etc.,

i’ve visited a site similar to what i am looking for, then i forgot about the address. I’ve search using keywords still i cant find that site…, please share your sources, for reference guide etc thank you (y)

That would be an enormous site I think.

Wikipedia.org might have that info scattered around (or you can add it).
W3Scools covers some web tech, but hasn’t always the best answers.
O’Reilly is good to know.

W3C should otherwise be the primary source for web tech. There you can find more resources like W3DevCampus and edX.

There is no one resource as stated by @Erik_J. The best you can do is break it down to your needs. Such as Server, Hosting, Software(aso broken down into various areas), Database etc… But you also must understand that there is no definitive best out there each is different based on your needs and some do something better than other and some do other things better than others. This always comes down to what is the best tool for the job. This would like trying to compare different saws to cut wood. Sure they all cut wood but you dont use a skill saw to cut down a tree. Just doesn’t make sense but a skill saw is a an easy and viable tool for many of the jobs but then again its lacking in other area’s. So you must know you needs and then finding out the best tools to do the jobs to accomplish your needs.

I have never seen any site that compares all web technologies.

I have often seen comparison tables on WikiPedia.

But as Erik_J and jgetner posted, they are individual pages dealing with a particular area of web technology. Certainly not “everything that is or ever was” tables.

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