Looking for a sales page plugin for WordPress TwentyTen theme

I am using the TwentyTen theme for my website, but want the home page to be a sales page, i.e. one that does not show the header, navigation, sidebar, footer, etc. Can anyone recommend such?

What do you mean by “sales page”?
Header or sidebar don’t have to be displayed on every page. You can create your own home page by using template system.

I’m not a programmer. So I’m looking for a plug in to do this for me.

What you need is a sales letter theme.

You can get one for free from here

If you want one with more options try searching in here

Thanks. But I really am looking for a plugin, not a theme.

Right ok.

In that case try this

P.S. Not an affiliate link.

Here’s a plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress them into a sales letter.

And here’s a plugin that let’s you add sales letter style graphics to any wordpress theme.

P.S. Not affiliate links.