Looking for a job board / php

I’m looking to buy a job board , currently i found 2 that i like :

http://www.webscribble.com/products/webjobs (399$)


http://www.smartjobboard.com/ (540$)

anyone tried one of them ? any recommendation for another job board ? maybe something less expensive ?

Are you going to make a whole site of it? Or is it for managing customer work?
We modified our script to manage our jobs, and we’ve already used it for a few hundred jobs and xxxx hours. What features are important to you? Have you thought that far yet?

I Want to make a whole site from it for users , most of the features are available in the link i provided (mostly admin area to manage jobs / user) and the ability to make template without a lot of headache …what i like about webscribble is that you can add social network and other plugin … the cons … it cost 600$+ not in my budget same for smartjob

You should search here for Webscribble’s reputation before buying donating money to them…

Thank You !!

After reading that article :

no way to buy it from them … they just lost a customer !