Looking for a good android game app that needs no internet

Hi everyone I’m Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant working in a publishers office for 10 years. May I take this opportunity to ask android experts here for their suggestion about a good android game app that can be played without an internet. Any suggestions you may give?

It depends what you mean by a “good” game. What type of games do you enjoy? There seems to be a wide selection available, with reviews, on the Google Play store, so perhaps you could explain in more detail what your requirements are, that you’ve been unable to find something to suit you?

Yes i agree with TechnoBear ,you exlpain your all requirements becauze so many games available on play store.:slight_smile:

A good game like clash of clans, candy crush, mobile legends but needs no internet. What are the games that can be played without an internet?

Did you look at the link I provided to Google Play’s “Offline Games” section?

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