Looking for a French dictionary to use as a Firefox search engine

[FONT=verdana]I was wondering if anyone can recommend a French dictionary that can be used with the Firefox search bar?

I want to add a French dictionary to the toolbar so that it appears in the drop-down menu at the left-hand end of the bar (see screenshot, below). You can see I’ve already added Wikipedia, Longman’s English dictionary and some others to this menu. I now want to include a French dictionary as well.

I’m not interested in a French dictionary plug-in. I specifically want a tool that integrates with the search bar.

I’d be happy with either an all-French dictionary (one that gives definitions in French) or a French-English dictionary (which translates the French search term into English).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


[FONT=verdana]For the benefit of anyone else with the same need, I settled on Larousse (www.larousse.com). It seems to be exactly what I need.