Looking for a Community Driven CMS

Hello all.
I know i am new to these forums but found some articles and noticed i could not really find an answer to what i was looking for. so what im looking for is this

  1. a modern looking cms
  2. be able to have Community driven moduals like discussion forums and shout box’s
  3. allow me to post news to the front page
  4. allow me to show a list of all the members of a certiant sub section of the community.

Now i have recently stumbled upon Xenforo and i am thinking about obtaining that but i was trying to find a cheaper alternative to Xenforo. i found redaxscript and it looks great and has ALMOST all the features im looking for. if i could petition yall for your guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve never heard of Xenforo.

If you’re looking strictly for a LAMP solution might be worth giving this a try.

A lot of CMSes offer what you are looking for. A few points, though:

  • “a modern looking CMS”. CMSes don’t have a “look”, as such. They are code on the server that powers the site, but the look is determined by you, the front end designer.
  • “community driven modules”. Again, many CMSes have these, so I’d say look at each CMS and see what’s currently available for each.
  • “post news to front page”. Again, they all allow that.
  • Xenforo is a forum CMS. You need to consider whether your site is primarily a forum or a website that includes a forum. Sounds to me like you want a more general site that includes a forum. Even WordPress offers this.

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