Looking for a cart / product configuration system

Hi All,

Firstly, thanks in advance for your help on this, I’ve spent some time trialling systems and scouring the net looking for a solution to my problem but have been unable to find anything to fit the bill entirely.

I’m looking for a shopping cart / product configuration system that can be used in the following way. I’ll use the example of an online sweet shop that sells different lollies by weight and combines them into a bag.

Customer wants to purchase a mixed bag of lollies that is made up of 250 grams of lollie “A”, 100 grams of lollie “B” and 150 grams of lollie “C”. This will be their first bag. They may want to then add a different combination for their second bag and third bag and so on. Each lollie type will have a different price per gram and so the final price of the bag will be calculated by price per gram x grams for each of the lollies in the bag.

So far the best solution i have come across is WHMCS that allows you to create a product (the lollie bag) and then set up configurable options within that product (lollies A, B and C). It also allows you to create neat little sliders for each of the lollies A, B and C so you can raise and lower the quantities (in grams) of each.
Unfortunately though, WHMCS does not offer the ability to set prices at a fraction of a cent (e.g. 0.025c), or any way to apply shipping charges to an order based on the weight of the final product. I know WHMCS was originally a hosting system however is seems crazy to not have this as a feature these days. Anyway…

I was hoping to use wordpress as a base for the site and customise whichever system i use to the match the rest of the site but if necessary I’ll build a custom HTML site with Dreamweaver.

So, i was hoping that somebody could possibly suggest a system that would fit the bill.


I have seen something in opencart that had fraction of the cent.


I use Global Web Cart. Excellent off the shelf program that is very customizable. On my 3rd site with them.