Long Form should I put it on tabs for best user experience?


I have a long form but I separate it into 6 panels my Layout is 2 columns. Is this valid for the UX design? or should I put it on tabs?

please ignore the placeholders

Thank you in advance.

It’s perfectly valid, and in some instances, preferable to have everything on one screen depending on the content.

I would argue that the PKs (or whatever the “autogenerated” things are) don’t need to be visible, but that’s matter of choice and argument.

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I assume this is to be used almost always on office desktop computers. Because, from your screenshot, the form’s input elements seem much wider than necessary I would consider going to three columns possibly even four columns. That’s a personal preference so users can view and edit the information without having to switch between tabs.

However your screenshot does not show all the form’s input elements: so if the other “panels” have many input elements it may be better to use tabs, but not necessarily six tabs.

You could lessen the need for scrolling by putting some input elements side-by-side. For example, put the height and weight side-by-side (within the column); similarly date of jointing and date of leaving.

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Thank you for the inputs :slight_smile:

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