Logo/site critique

Hey guys!

So I am contracted as a freelancer to build a full site in Wordpress and do all the design. For now I have started designing the site and I have done the logo.

“Kalas” means party, feast or birthday in Swedish. The logo is inspired by drum roll: fireworks and a deck of cards.

Can you give me some feedback on the logo as well as the placement of it? I have implemented it (there are no affiliate links on the site yet) but I am not completely sure whether I have it under the review menus or above it. What do you think?

The top one isn’t bad.

Need space between K-a and i-n and maybe between the words.

It looks like someone took a nibble off of some of the letters!

l like it on white better than on black, in this case, but neither is bad. As mikey says, you may want to adjust the spacing ever so slightly in those places if that wasn’t intentional.

I think the fireworks/cards logo is pretty nifty, though, and overall I think it fits well.