Logo critique please

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I would love to get your advice on a specific logo for my newly-created company called Nutrifive Group. The activity is importing/exporting of health/natural products ( dietetics & cosmetics) and the company is a worldwide wholesaler/distributor , so it’s a B2B , it only sells to boutiques, parapharmacies, fitness clubs, etc… The Five has no specific meaning, it could means the 5 continents, the 5 elements of nature or our 5 senses. I want the logo to be simple, evocative, timeless, memorizable, delinable in all supports & formats. I want the green ( for natural products) and the blue ( for enterprise) to be present.

What do you think about the logo in the 2nd row , 2nd on the right ( with the green Aloe plant) ? It’s the only one that I believe to be decent.

This is how it’d look on other supports :

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