Loading Vimeo Immediately

Does anyone know what technique is being used here to get this Vimeo video to load immediately like this? We’ve tried caching, mp4s, CDNs… Thank you in advance!

The site with the Vimeo that loads right away: https://thestable.com/

Really, the site loads lightning fast in general and I’m not seeing anything special in the dashboard to account for it. It’s a regular WordPress site. Is there something I’m overlooking here?

Not for me, though it’s not a particularly fast connection here. It took a good while to load the page, the video frame only loaded a placeholder image initially, not the actual video, and that took time.
After loading there was a slight delay after hitting play to the video playing.
I would not call this fast.
Pingdom gives it a Performance Grade “C” 74, Size 13.9MB, 4.55 seconds, 245 Requests.

GTmetrix gives it an “F” (12%) Page Speed Score, 26.2 seconds Fully Loaded, 15.6MB Size, with 403 Requests.

Looks like they are using Skyfire Vimeo CDN.

Try it again using the North American, Washington server, about 60 mSec, only two requests and I tested quite a few times and all similar results?

I found using the AmpProject.org was the best video loading times especially since valid web pages use Google’s free CDN caching system.

Yes an “A” grade using the Washinton server. The results seem location dependant, the further from that one the poorer the results.
I guess that’s OK if the site serves only a certain locality.


I wonder if @birdiegolden was using the Washington server when trying the site?

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