Loading Specific HTML Pages

I know there are tools in which you can have a window load on top of another window etc as in FancyBox etc etc. I’m hoping I can get some help, I’ve been looking for a WordPress add-on that you can specify HTML pages to load equivalent to fancybox, I don’t want all HTML pages to load with pop up windows only ones I would specify in the the options.

Duh Sorry, thank you for the tip my searches are bringing better results :slight_smile:

I’m sure Wordpress has a lightbox plug-in (which is what you’re looking for) :slight_smile:

What I meant is you know how with tools such as FancyBox you get almost equal to a pop-up image effect that is the same effect I want. I don’t want all HTML links to have this effect or be tied in, I want to specify only specific links and using specifically a wordpress add-on if I so happen to want to change it I know it’s not embedded into the code. I wrote this to ask because I have found some tools to which I’m after but nothing that is specifically for WordPress unless I’ve over looked.

It sounds like what you’re looking to-do is have an iframe (with a page of information loaded) within the fancybox - rather than having a traditional pop-up.

I would seriously advise against trying to internally load popup pages like that because of the damaging implications it will have in respect to accessibility. :slight_smile: