Loading photos from Flickr

How to set the correct path to thumb due to API and requested path for a thumb? There is {{thumb}} Photo thumbnail path
Code shows an error 404:

<img class="ms-thumb" src="{{thumb}}" alt="{{title}}"/>

Need help.

Source code: http://docs.averta.net/display/MSJQ/Loading+photos+from+Flickr

<!-- masterslider -->
<div class="master-slider ms-skin-default" id="masterslider">
        <div class="ms-slide" id="slide1">
            <img src="masterslider/blank.gif" data-src="{{image}}" alt="{{title}}"/>          
            <img class="ms-thumb" src="{{thumb}}" alt="{{title}}"/>
            <p   class="ms-layer"
                style="background:rgba(255,255,255,0.5); padding: 20px;"
                data-offset-x = "50"
                data-offset-y = "50"
                data-origin = "bl"
                by:{{owner-name}} <br>
<!-- end of masterslider -->

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