Loading a php page into a frame?

I’m trying to get my flash movie to load a php page into a frame.

loadVariablesNum (“display.php”,0);

But when I test this movie, the page doesn’t show.
Can this be done? I’ve even tries a simple html page like this:

loadVariablesNum (“display.html”,0);

and this doesn’t even work.

loadVariablesNum is used to load data. You’ll want to use getURL.

getURL(“display.php”, “framename”, “GET”);

should do it

That just ended up changing the entire webpage. I want the php page to be viewed from ‘inside’ a frame.
(I’m still somewhat new and trying to learn php and flash right now - I have no programming background)
I used:
getURL (“display.php” , “_self”, “GET”);

If you want to display your actual PHP code in a frame, you will need to convert all the code into a urlencoded format, then attach it a a variable.

Use file() to read a file into an array, implode it into a string, urlencode the string then echo it for Flash.



Whoa… Can you say that in english please? I think I get what you’re saying. I’ll look through some help files and see what I can figure out.

If you use _self on the page that CONTAINS the frame, that’s why it changes the entire page. What is the NAME of your IFRAME?

<iframe name=“boChuck” src=“page.php”… >

Then it would be


The code is relative to the position of the flash movie vs. the frame you want the data loaded into

aha - question of semantics…

Are you trying to load the code from a PHP script into a frame of a movie or are you trying to bring up a PHP page in a frame of a frameset?


The frame of a movie. Sorry, I thought this being the ‘Flash and Actionscript’ forum that was a given.
WebQS, The particular page I wan’t to load has html and php in it, so how would I urlencode that?
Did I mention, I have no programming experience?
Hey, I’m trying…

Hey, cool

Bit busy at the moment, but I’ll see what I can come up with to help in the code dept. Should be pretty simple - the trick would be to replace any special characters such as " and ’ and possibly < > with their urlencoded equivalents.

See the technote at Macromedia.com on urlencoding (search at Flash support). PHP has a urlencode() function built in to the core.