LLL.co.uk or LLLL.com

From what I can see LLLL.com are worth more than LLL.co.uk domain names.

Is this generally true?

Anymore comparisons are welcomed.


What the L? :stuck_out_tongue:

.com is more general than .co.uk, but as to actual worth, I expect you’d have to look at what domains are selling for to gauge that.

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Not sure if you’re asking or being silly (wouldn’t put it past you :wink: ) but for anyone else reading the thread: LLLL.com refers to a four-letter .com domain that isn’t necessarily a dictionary word (so something like WPEK.com). NNN.com would be a three-number domain.

In my experience it is true — the appeal of .co.uk domains is pretty limited. I’d rank LLLL.com above any other LLL TLD, really.


Thanks for that. I wasn’t sure if it was a convention or something random. (And yes, I was being silly. :smiley: )

What the L???
do you explain for me ?

Welcome to the forum, @hiepelines.

What do you need explained? Ophelie has already explained what the notation means.

If someone has a UK based business then LLL.co.uk would be more beneficial for him rather than LLLL.com but if somebody has business outside of UK then having .co.uk domain would not be really helpful.

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