Live Feed

Hi, i want to add a live feed to the home page of my website, that captures the following activities for all people who use my site:

  • $username has just joined
  • $username has just updated their email address
  • $username has just changed their photo
  • etc…

How should i go about capturing all of these? I have created a spreadsheet listing all of the activities that i want to capture… so should i just add an activity to a live-feed table in the database, each time one of these activites occure


  • id
  • timestamp
  • activity_desc

Do you think this is the best way to set up / run the live feed, thanks in advance

We have one of those at work. Basically you indeed insert a row in the database for every event (we use MongoDB as the database for this because it makes it extremely easy to log all kinds of related data with it) and then on a website just poll every n seconds with AJAX to see if there is anything new, and if there is show it. You can also use long-polling, but I don’t have any real world experience with that so I’m afraid I can’t really help you there but the idea is that you make a request and then just wait forever until something arrives, and when it does you process that and do a new request where again you wait forever, etc.

Cool, thanks for your help…