Little help with table td and divs

Someone please help me to understand why on my page the td is so height. I tried to modify it with css height but doesn’t work.
This is the page that I’m talk about:

The second problem is that on a page that I don’t have content the right sidebar is going to the left. I checked the divs and looks that I don’t have any extra div.
This is the page:

Try setting some values for h5 in the stylesheet instead of inline e.g add margin:0px;

I copied your:
p {

Into an h5 and it seemed to fix the problem

Thank you Rubble. That worked :smile: . You don’t have a solution for the second problem, too?

You have

.right_content {
    float: left;
    margin-bottom: 100px;

If you want it right-aligned it should be float: right;

I did that gandalf458 and is not a big diff from how it was :(.


Has this issue been resolved?

I have not looked at the CSS. The HTML is being “corrupted” by the insertion of this table code presumably by PHP.

<div class="center_content"><h3>In timpul liber</h3><table ><tr><p>There are currently no pages

I commented out the table code as shown below and the layout seems to work.

   <div class="center_content"><h3>In timpul liber</h3>
<table ><tr>
<p>There are currently no pages of content associated with this category. 
        Please check back again!</p>
    </div><!-- end of center content -->

The two links on this page are showing as “dangerous pages” in my Trend Micro Security app.

To clarify, my post #6 addresses the second problem. It refers to this page:

Many times when I wanted to login to a diff website cpanel I got an alert very close to yours :). Thank you for trying to help me :).

ronpat that was an error indeed. I closed the table before tr

echo '</table></tr>';

I fixed now that but is still the same.

It looks like your right_content div is inside your centre_content div, which is probably why it’s not completely over to the right. Try moving right_content outside center_content

Did you update the page labeled id=7? I still see the table and tr tags in the line with class “center_content”. That’s line 287 in the HTML that I see. And once again, when I comment it out, the page works properly. That particular tag pair does not have closing tags. It is completely out of place as the only table tags on the page. This is the file I am looking at… (the 3xx is my notation. It is the id=7 file)

.subcategory3xx.html (16.2 KB)

Perhaps we are talking about different pages.

Thank you ronpat for help. The problem is solved :smile: .
I made a mistake opening the table before if statement

echo '<table ><tr>'; 
if (mysqli_num_rows($r) > 0) {

and the table was closind inside of if. That’s why I get the errors in page :smile: .

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You’re welcome, orin21us.

Thank you for explaining what you found.

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