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on a WP page I changed a photo which is repeated in 50+ pags. I changed the foto without changing its name though somehow now the size doesnt appear right. Please can you tell me where to change the values to make it work again?
heres the link, I talk about the photo in the bottom (link) to change pages… (its not CSS)

Is it the “colorful-next-step-arrow-icon-vectors.jpg” image with the class="wp-image-693" you mean?

The image has dimensions set in the html by the img attributes width="55" and height="53" making it very small. Seems the intrinsic size of the image actually is 212x206 pixels.

I think the easiest way would be to set the image size from the WP dashboard, but if changing (or removing) those attributes doesn’t work, or if they are not set by you when you inserted it in the pages but regardless it somehow got the wrong attribute values, then you can allways use CSS to override those html attributes.

In the style.css you could try add this ruleblock:

img.wp-image-693 {
    width: auto;
    height: auto;

This should make the image take its intrinsic dimension instead of the attribute values. Of course you can set the width and height to its natural size (212px x 206px) or any size you wish.

Also mind that edits in the theme’s style sheet will be lost next time the theme is updated. Or you could create a child theme:

But first try to change the image size from the dashbord, I think that’s where it has got its size set when you changed the image as you describe.

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