Listening to Stand up Comedians

I’m listening to Dave Attell right now and am laughing hysterically. What stand-up comedians do you like???

stand-up comedians is rather new term in my country. There are a few people sucessful on this field. I hope it will be more popular

I like those who doesn’t have to make or look others like a fool just so something would be funny. I like comedians who can just quickly share ideas that we can laugh about without humiliating other people. That would be awesome.

The better comedians are those who are not speaking dirty, we pass a good time with them and we are not stressed after the stand up.

Mitch Hedberg, Dave Chapelle, Robin Williams

I really love listening to stand-up comedians, you can’t afford but laugh and it can really release stress.

I love to listen Seth Rogen, He is one of the best Canadian Comedians.