List of indexed urls in webmaster tools

Hi all

In the google webmaster tools it shows data as

600 submitted urls
400 indexed urls

But it does not show which are those 400 urls ??

where can i find the list of these 400 urls ??


I always thought it strange that they don’t say which URLs are indexed.

What you can do is Google to see which pages are in Google’s index for any site.

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Hi Sam

google shows 10 results on one page.

i will get to see all 400 pages by going through 40 google result pages one by one

is there any other alternative ??


That’s the method Google recommends you use.

Make a site map with all your URLS, so you will see wich one is indexed or not.

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I don’t see how creating a sitemap is going to solve the OP’s issue. A sitemap is a document created to help search engines find and index your pages. How are you suggesting it can be used to discover which ones have been indexed?

I would suggest check each and every link you are going to list in sitemap. Check whether each link has https or http? OR whether your website blog links are redirecting to some other pages. if so correct the issue and submit the sitemap.

You can use seo mozbar tool for browser to extract the urls from the serp results quickly.

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