List Background Problem

In the gallery box thing, you would notice there is a space between the first cover picture and the arrow, how would u fill that gap with the background?

I added the margin to make it even and look like its centered

The background doesnt seem to be centered?

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks

To center the background, change the position to 50% 0:

div#sponsors {
	background: url( no-repeat [COLOR="Red"]50% 0[/COLOR];

To center the <ul>, remove position: absolute and use this:

div#sponsors ul {
	list-style: none;
	[COLOR="Red"]width: 800px; [/COLOR]
        height: 159px;	
	[COLOR="Red"]margin:10px auto 0;[/COLOR]

yea that didnt work, was i supposed to do both of the things u said?

Hi, for the previous/next buttons, you could set a gray background color (or whatever color) and then increase the width :). You’ll have to set the image on the right for the right button

div#sponsors a#prev {
	width: [b]36[/b]px;
	height: 96px;
	display: block;
	background: [b]gray[/b] url( no-repeat;
	position: absolute;
	top: 40px; left: 8px;
	div#sponsors a#next {
	width: [b]36[/b]px;
	height: 96px;
	display: block;
	background:[b]gray[/b] url( no-repeat [b]right top[/b];
	position: absolute;
	top: 40px; right: 8px;

nice thats a pretty damn good idea

ok it didnt work, but can u at least help me vertically center the pictures?


It did work and I know it does because I even tested it. I can provide a screenshot of it working if you desire :). You must have done something wrong.

Update the site with the code again and I’ll point out what went wrong.

nah i came up with a better solution, i added a background for the whole ul so thx anyway =D

I would have suggested that, had the width not been big enough

I just went to teh site and teh backgrounds aren’t connecting, though they would have with my solution, which is what I assumed you wanted.

If you just wanted a small background there then yes your solution would work, I misunderstood your requirements I guess :slight_smile: