Linux Mint - Configuring Local Area Network


I Have a desktop and a laptop both running Linux Mint 15. I have a D-Link 150 Wireless Router.

Please can someone guide me how do I configure so that I shall be able to transfer files to and fro from my machines wirelessly?


Your question is a bit vague, so let’s start with a few basic questions. Are both able to connect to the internet wireless or via the network? If yes, they you at least have the drivers setup and the network protocol setup correctly.

If you can’t get either to access the internet now, then we need to focus on that first.
Once you have that setup, there are a few ways you can share files back and forth.

[list][]NFS Share


Sorry for the vague information.

Yes both are able to connect to the internet, the desktop is connected via wired cable with the NIC ( and the Wireless router.

Laptop is connected to the internet with Wireless router via WiFi.

Spent some time sketching this diagram to help you explain the architecture. let me know if that helps u understand.


Perfect, since you are at that stage, you simply want to setup a NFS share.

Here is a tutorial specifically using Linux Mint

oh boy!! No GUI client??

It might seem like an obvious suggestion, but Dropbox?


Thanks for your reply. I am actually looking for a LAN based file transfer mechanism.


No probs :slight_smile:

You can actually configure DropBox to use LAN sync:

Seems to be interesting one, but it relies on the internet to determine the syncing of the file which means if my ISP is down someday I wont be able to transfer files using LAN.


Once it is setup, you just forget about it. And it really isn’t too complicated.