Links with spaces


I am trying to echo the name of my blog post however it has no hyphens in and features as a sentences with spaces between each word. Is this okay to use?

Inplace of space it is good to put hyphen between each word in link which will separate each word in the link. Hence those words will be treated as single keyword as per SEO perspective which helps to make search engine friendly urls which search engine like the most.


But if I dont have hyphens want impact does this have? Will Google ignore the spaces?

The spaces will get converted to %20, so it’ll be fine. Mellisa is right that the hyphens will get you a higher conversion rate (why, I don’t understand, but it seems to be a convention), but the spaces work fine.


I plan to put hyphens in but in one of my site site I cant seem to insert hyphens into the links as I manually insert the content into the database.

spaces in URLs will be encoded as %20 (which looks ugly) or will cause some browsers to misinterpret the filename. Spaces in URLs should be avoided. So, for a better result in SEO, go for Hyphens ( - ) suggested by SEO experts